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Magic Diamond

Magic Diamond

High-carat design, chock-full of facets

At first glance, the Magic Diamond is just a cube – but touch it, and it turns out to be a diamond in the rough, with up to 20 faces. With one flick of the hand, it changes its shape, turning from a prism into its final form.

Magic Concepts products are subject to patent No US20110169219A1, US6,637,138, US 6,796,560, US 6,386,541


MOQ: 500pcs· 

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks


Material Black HIPS Plastic
Imprint Full Offset Printing
Magnets 8pcs
Packaging Shrink wrap, Matt White box
  • 70x70x70mm (in square shape)
  • 50x50x50mm (in square shape)
  • White Plastic blocks, instead of Black
  • Personalized Printed box
Packing [7cm]50pcs/inner, 100pcs/carton, GW 14.5kg, 41X35X42cm [5cm] 100pcs/inner, 200pcs/carton, GW 12.5kg, 47X29X26cm
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