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Be iconic !


Rubik's ® has a magical way to captivate, and to fascinate any audience regardless of age and country.
This makes it one of the most attractive and interesting advertising tools of our time !

Magicgift - Winston Churchill Avenue, 11
B-1180, Brussels - Belgium

Communicate with your clients

We design unique and patented promotional items able to surprise and light up emotions. Items that appeal to all the senses and grab your attention.
For your next campaign, go for effectiveness and choose promotional item that will reach its target emotionally loaded, and make your brand unforgettable

Our products are unique and are internationally patented. We received many awards for our creativity and marketing effectiveness. Our products meet all the quality standards required in Europe. You are sure to buy the original.


Every day we are faced with a mass of 4,500 advertising messages! For more than 20 years we design, produce and market unique promotional items and neuro-marketing solutions that offer the best price / impact ratio in terms of marketing effectiveness, and help you to differentiate yourself and sell.

Flexibility & Service

We attach paramount importance to your satisfaction and long-term partnerships for both major retailers and local customers. Flexibility, strict manufacturing controls from 100 pieces, fast delivery and timeliness, quality, compliance with process colors, creation of 3D animations and design support are our strengths at your service.


Let's talk about your project! 

+32 2 3440500

Winston Churchillstreet, 11

B-1180, Brussels - Belgium

They trust us

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