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Together from the idea to the layout 

Magic Gift dedicates its experience to help you produce the best item with the best message. Thanks to our graphic studio, we are able to accompagny you trough the whole conception process:

  • Meeting and discussing about your communication goals and expectations,

  • Searching and imagining the best way to communicate your message trough our products

  • Finally, get the best result of our know-how​


You already have a layout ? 

Our production is a reflection of your company. We want to ensure that your image will be beautiful, clear,  perfect. For these reasons, it is essential to meet the technical requirements.The most common barrier to overcome to print your logo on items is  a too low resolution. We can always reduce a large image, but not use a small image and enlarge without loss of quality or create an pixelation effect.​We can bring our expertise to realize your artwork.

Image Programs In Order of Preference

  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 or further(recommend save as vector format)

  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or further (PSD / EPS format)

  • Other applications - Save artwork as EPS format or PDF​

Adobe Illustrator - Mac or PC

  1. Change all text into "outlines" in your document.

  2. Color your text and graphics with standard Pantone® or CMYK color mixes.

  3. If you are using an imported graphic in your Illustrator document, be sure to include the  graphic file.

  4. Save the file as an Illustrator AI or EPS, selecting version CS4 or further when given the option. 

​​Adobe Photoshop - Mac or PC

  1. Files must be saved as a Mac TIFF with no LZW compression.

  2. Please submit black and white bitmap images at 600 dpi or higher.

  3. Images that come to us at lower resolutions than what is recommended will be output as sent. We can not raise the resolution successfully

  4. Color all text and graphics according to standard Pantone® or CMYK color mixes in a layout application.

  5. All files need to be submitted at the size being used for printing.

Please send all graphics in Hi-Resolution

File Sizes

All Files must be a minimum of 300 dpi (Dots Per Inch). Do not use webpage photo for artwork, it is not possible to have a normal result. Please make sure you communicate with your designer for the original large version of the image.

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