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The clever endless folding card

Different Shapes as needed

World of Magicgift Endless Card is a multitude of different forms.
Square, round, rectangular, oval or custom, they open a royal road to all your imagination.
You decide if you want to send them by mail or distribute them from hand to hand.

The messenger of your dreams

The Magicgift Endless Card can introduce new products, tell a story, provide information, serve as an invitation or express feelings such as appreciation, gratitude, a value. The double lamination ensures excellent durability.

This is viral

Everyone who drives a Magicgift Endless Card in hands aroused the interest of colleagues and friends.
People pass them from hand to hand and speak indirectly spreading your message by personal recommendation.

All senses

To touch. To fold. See. They mutually reinforce the perception of channels increase neuronal activity of the brain of the user up to 1000%. Each time the user folds the Magicgift Endless Card, it increases the perception and memorization of the message.

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Magicgift Endless Card®

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