Connect to web

What is connect-to-web® ?

  • A suite of innovative, effective, and patented products linking traditional print media with the fast growing digital marketing media
  • Solutions allowing to measure marketing performance through professional analytics tracking platform
  • Customizable marketing applications to reinforce creative strategies and campaigns objectives
  • Cost-effective marketing tools with quicker and higher response rate while comparing to simply a traditional marketing tools
  • Corporate headquarters in Hong Kong with international sales teams based in the US, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia and Asia
  • Manufacturing in Asia and US
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Connect to web product

Tracking Platform

Connect To Web® helps you to know and understand more about your target audience.

Thanks to our tracking platform! Connect to Web®key offers great transparency over your campaign. You can find out in real-time about the progress of your campaigns:

  • Number of visits triggered by our webkey
  • Demographics: Map visitors by city and by regions

Highly customizable